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Stats Tester (Easy statistics calculator) is a application for android. Various statistical tests (hypothesis tests) can be performed with an easy operation. For many tests, the results are displayed in a graph.

Statistics tests

Parametric Statistics

  1. Mean, SEM and SD, etc
    (Geometric and Harmonic means, Standard Error, Standard Deviation, Confidence interval, Variance, Skewness, Kurtosis)
  2. SD-SEM Conversion
    (Converter between Standard Deviation and Standard Error)
  3. One-sample t-test
  4. Paired t-test
  5. t-test (Student and Welch)
    (F-test to compare 2 variances, t-test(Student and Welch))
  6. F-test for equality of 2 variances
  7. Levene test for homogeneity of variance
    (n >=3 groups)
  8. One-way ANOVA
  9. Multiple t-test (with Bonferroni's correction)
  10. Correlation and Regression
    (Correlation coefficient, Regression coefficient, Coefficient of determination, Test for correlation coefficient)

Nonparametric Statistics

  1. Median, Range and Quartiles, etc
    (Minimum, First, second and third Quartiles, Maximum, Quartile deviation)
  2. Mann-Whitney's U test
  3. Median test
  4. Kruskal-Wallis test and multiple comparisons
  5. Sign Test
  6. Wilcoxon's signed-rank sum test
    (paired 2 groups)
  7. Chi-square test (Goodness of Fit)
  8. Chi-square test(Independence, 2x2)
  9. Chi-square test(Independence, mxn)
  10. McNemar's test (paired case)
  11. Fisher's exact test
  12. Spearman rank correlation coefficient

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