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### Stats tester mini for iOs ###

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Stats Tester mini is an application for iPhone. Some statistical tests (hypothesis tests) can be performed with an easy operation. The results are displayed in a graph.

Stats Tester mini can be installed from Apple App Store. to Apple App store

Statistics tests

1. Mean & SD, etc

 1) Arithmetic, Geometric and Harmonic means
 2) Standard Deviation (2)
 3) Standard Error of the mean (sem)
 4) 95 and 99% Confidence interval (CI)
 5) Sum
 6) Sum of Square
 7) Variance, Unbiased variance
 8) Coefficient of variation (%CV)
 9) Skewness (2)
10) Kurtosis (2)

2. t-test (Student & Welch)

 1) Mean
 2) Standard deviation (2)
 3) Standard error of the mean (sem)
 4) F-test to compare 2 variances --> p value
 5) Student t-test --> p value
 6) Welch's procedure --> p value

3. One-sample t-test

 1) Mean
 2) Standard deviation (2)
 3) Standard error of the mean (sem)
 4) One-sample t-test --> p value
 5) Confidence interval (CI)

4. One-way ANOVA (Analysis of variance)

 1) Mean
 2) Standard error of the mean (sem)
 3) Analysis of variance --> p value
 4) ANOVA table

5. Correlation & Regression

 1) Correlation coefficient
 2) Regression coefficient
 3) Coefficient of determination
 4) Test for correlation coefficient --> p value

1. Each statistics method has useful [Help], [Example], [Share] and [Graph] buttons.

2. As one input window accepts one group data, it is easy to edit the entered data (addition, deletion or modification).

3. Entered data and results calculated by each method are memorized until the next use. This function is a feature of this app and it is very convenient.

*** Acknowledgment ***

The iOs Chart library distributed under the Apache 2.0 license was utilized to make graphs.