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How to use

By using Stats Tester mini, you can perform basic statistics tests by an easy operation.
Maximal sample number is 100/group at each test.
The tapping of the [Calc] button or title bar of each calc page lowers the keyboard.

### Main menu page ###

1. [Help] button shows this help(Usage Help) and privacy policy menus.
2. [Clear all] button clears all data saved in the internal memory.

### Each stats page ###

1. [<] button or \"Swipe at left-edge\" backs to the main menu page.
2. [Help] button shows help for each statistics test.
3. [Example] button enters example data.
4. [Calc] button performs the statistics test.
  (1) After calculation, input and output data are stored into the internal memory.
  (2) These data can be deleted by [Clear all] button in the lower-left of the main menu page.
5. [Clear] button clears input- and output-windows but not internally memorized data.
  (1) In the t-test or one-way ANOVA, this button clears all input windows (A and B or A - D).
  (2) To clear only the input window of group X, tap the "[X]clr" button above the input window.
6. [Graph button] displays the graph.
7. [Share button] sends results to other apps (Notes and Mail, etc.).

== Input window ==

Data can be ..
1. entered using a keyboard.
2. pasted from the clipboard.
3. copied to the clipboard.
4. For the format of input data, see the "hint" displayed after tapping the [Clear] button. [Example] button shows example data.

== Output window ==

1. Results on the output-window can be shared using other apps (ex. mailer and editors).
2. Input and output data are memorized after each calculation success, and the next calculation rewrites the memory. Internally memorized data can be erased by [Clear all] button at the bottom-left corner on the main menu page.

== Graph window ==

The graph image can be obtained by the screen capture of iPhones.